The staff are a group of trusted users equipped with restricted access tools to help keep the Wiki running, smooth, and safe. The main reason why Staff exists in most Wikis is to help users.

How Do I Become a Staff Member?

Becoming a Staff member takes time. In order to qualify for a certain position, you must meet it's prerequisites. To request a promotion, you can go here. Prerequisites and positions are listed there.

List of Staff Members

Bureaucrats & Administrators
Name Position Status Description
(Wall) • (Contributions)
Bureaucrat Active Responsible for wiki upkeep and review of edits. Also responsible for any updating, user promotion, and staff supervision.
(Wall) • (Contributions)
Bureaucrat Inactive Responsible for overall appearance of the wiki. Also responsible for coding, templates, and significant amount of wiki data.
Name Position Status Description
(Wall) • (Contributions)
Rollback Temporarily
Responsible for keeping the site's pages organized and under control. Also responsible for reverting any vandalism.

Retired Staff Members

These users used to be staff members but no longer are.

What Can Staff Members Do?

See the rights and privileges of being a staff member on this page. If you have further questions, contact Basil for information on promotion and/or user rights.

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