Welcome to our affiliates page where you can find our partner wikias and websites.


What is an affiliate?

An affiliation between wikis is a partnership that opens both wikis up to many more editors. Detailed instructions on how to apply for affiliation can be found below.

Affiliate Wikias

Affiliate Websites

None as of now.

Applying for Affiliation

Rules & How To's

Message an admin requesting affiliation. But before that make sure your wiki meets the following requirements:

  • Your wiki must have at least 15 complete pages with substantial and relevant information.
  • Your wiki must have been active in the past month.
  • Your wiki must have at least three active user profiles.

Link Back

Once you have applied for affiliation, you can use the following to recognize us on the home page or the affiliates page of your wiki.

Use the following link: [[w:c:themick|The Mick Wiki]]

Use the following image: