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        "The Balloon" is the fourth episode of Season One of The Mick and the fourth episode overall. It officially aired on January 15th, 2017. [1]

On March 14th, FOX aired the first official rerun of this episode.


Press Release

When Mickey learns they've all forgotten Ben's seventh birthday, the family is forced to put their selfish tendencies aside for one day and throw him the celebration he deserves, which proves way harder than it sounds.

Detailed Summary

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Guest Starring





Episode Notes

  • When Ben and Mickey visit Dr. Frenkel to check Ben's health. Mickey doesn't mention that Ben previously consumed several birth control pills but does reference Ben's situation in which his parents were suddenly arrested for fraud and later escaped the country.
  • At the end of Ben's party, Mickey fakes a letter from Poodle to Ben guessing that his parents escaped to Iraq, which was not exactly specified earlier.



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