Karen is a minor character on the first season of The Mick. She made her series début in the fifteenth episode of the first season.

She is portrayed by Julie Ann Emery.


The Sleepover

Karen is first seen at Chip's school as Mickey and Chip walk up to her and her son, Dylan. Chip wants to have a sleepover with his new friend Dylan and Karen had previously made it clear that she feels unsafe letting her son into a "pill popper's trash-house", referring to Chip's mother. Now, Chip asks Mickey to assist him in winning over Dylan's mother. For some time, Mickey plays a strict mother role and makes it appear to Karen that Dylan would be very safe. Mickey even suggests that Karen deserves a quiet night of wine and a bubble bath. Finally, Karen gives in and Chip and Dylan have their eventful sleepover.

Later, as Chip, Dylan, and Mickey wind up hiding in the house of Dylan's girlfriend, Olivia, Karen suddenly enters the house and begins kissing Olivia's father, Don. It is clear that the two of them are having an affair. After some time, Don and Karen spill their worries about their children. When Karen tries calling Mickey to check in on Dylan, Mickey quickly hangs up so she doesn't get caught. Karen, worried and angry, leaves Don's house to find her son, who she presumes is at the Pemberton Mansion.

When she arrives, Mickey, Dylan, and Chip greet her, cheerfully covering up all the mess that had gone down that night. Karen has a brief argument with Mickey about disciplining her son. Then, Dylan confronts her about cheating on her husband with Don. Desperate, she leaves the house, followed later by Dylan.


Karen has short, brown hair and hazel eyes and wears a modest chain around her neck.