Dentist is a minor character on the first season of The Mick. He made his series début in the thirteenth episode of the first season.

He is portrayed by Leith M. Burke.


The Bully

He is first seen seeing Ben out of the dentists' office to the lobby where both Chip and Jimmy are waiting. When Ben cheerily exclaims that he only has one cavity, Jimmy is skeptical and accuses the dentist of being a scam. Jimmy bets that the dentist couldn't tell which of his teeth needed help. When the dentist was correct in guessing the black tooth, Jimmy joked about the sale pitch that would be soon to come. But, the dentists said it would cost nothing, with insurance. Chip laughed at that, knowing Jimmy had no insurance. The dentist said that without the insurance, it would cost over a thousand dollars. Not buying it, Jimmy declared that he would do the procedure himself for free.

Later, after everything went wrong with the self-conducted procedure, Jimmy runs back to the dentist who is getting in his car and begs him to help him with the tooth. Jimmy's mouth is bleeding and, disgusted and scared, the dentist protests, saying that he is only a pediatric dentist. The dentist gets in his car and starts the engine. When Jimmy falls to his knees and tugs of the door, the dentist backs out fast, running over Jimmy's hand in the process.


  • This dentist is the second medical professional shown on the show, second to Dr. Frenkel.