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          Barry is a minor character on the first season of The Mick. He made his series début in the seventh episode of the first season.

He is portrayed by Jason Kravits.


Barry is the Pembertons' financial advisor.Is also gay in find out in season 2 and his is currently dating a male junkie prostitute.He also owns a hotel.He raises along his sister's children.


The Country Club

Barry sits down with Mickey, Sabrina, and Chip to talk about the problem of the family's spending. The Pembertons had been making many unnecessary purchases recently, says Barry. While he explains the ins and outs of handling the family's fortune, the Mickey and Sabrina ignore him and decide to chat about how sweaty Barry was. Barry then states that he had zero knowledge of what was going on in terms of the family's issues and that he only found through an article written by gossip columnist, Oliver Fishburn. Chip freaks out when he hears this. Barry suggests to stay low and cut down on the expenses. Sabrina ignores him and declares that the family should confront Oliver in the club, which he apparently used like his office. Barry tries to reason, stating that what Sabrina suggested was the exact opposite of what would make sense. He then advises them to cancel their country club membership until the families financial issues clear up. Mickey is next to interject by declining to cancel any membership, then by asking why nobody told her the family had a country club. Chip and Sabrina add that, if anything, they should spend more time at the country club so that everyone sees that the Pembertons are fine.