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• 4/5/2018

What this wikia should have been called.

This wikia should have been called the "Mickapedia".
Which is better?
  • The Mick wiki
  • The Mickapedia
  • Something else
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• 2/8/2018

Physical injury used as a visual motif by season?

Has anyone noticed a pattern of injury types by season? Every episode in season one had a bloody injury of some sort, and we noticed it stopped in season 2, but seems to be a burn injury in each episode? Could just be a byproduct of an exxagerated physical comedy, but thought it might be a little easter egg.
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• 8/25/2017

Two pages for one episode

Hello, i noticed that there are two pages for episode 2x01, namely "2x01" and "The Hotel". I think it'll look neater if one of them is removed, cause they give almost the same info and two pages is confusing.
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